407 - 409 North Queen Street

407 - 409 North Queen Street

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Property Details

Space: 5200 (not including basement) sq. ft.
Floors: 2 (plus basement)
Type: Commercial/B2 Central Business

Tax Value: $$4879 (land only)

Record: 452555346028

Owner: Leigh West, Louise W. Barnum, Jacob West, Isabelle W. Sanders
Contact: Claudia Deviney, 252-482-7455

Notes: Ideal location for live/work setting for an artist or a coffee house or small eatery.  Location, price and size make this a manageable rehab project with the possibility of rentable space for a second artist/business. 

Interesting trapezoid shaped brick building features two storefronts with pressed tin ceilings and wood floors on the first level and living space with paneled doors, transoms, wood flooring and bead board on second floor. 

Join other preservation pioneers as they revitalize Kinston!  Enjoy life in this small riverfront town—an easy commute to the beaches of the Outer Banks or to larger urban cities like Raleigh and Greenville. 

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