Kinston Kindness

APRIL 16, 2018

"In late March, I contacted Kinston Police Department regarding a situation in the home using the non-emergency number. Within ten minutes, Officer D. Phillips responded. Officer Phillips listened intently and quietly to what was going on that day to a family in distress. D. Phillips not only provided safety to my family in need but also demonstrated a huge amount of compassion. This wasn't the first request for help of this nature; however, this officer with her non-partiality helped foster trust in a seemingly hopeless situation. This returned faith that there are still fair and trustworthy officers out there fostering a better liaison between the community and police. This small act meant the world to me and my family and for that - this officer should be commended for their kindness. Thank you!"

- anonymous submission

APRIL 11, 2018


A very grateful citizen just reported a random act of kindness by an employee of Duke Energy. He was in line behind her at Food Lion on Vernon Avenue this morning. She was $18 short on paying for her family’s groceries. He humbly & quietly PAID the $18, and refused her offer to get his contact info to pay him back. He was wearing a Duke Energy shirt and left in a Duke Energy truck. His kindness is exemplary of the true nature of many Kinstonians- willing to help when able and expecting nothing in return.

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