Kinston Christmas Lights: it’s much more than just pretty. 

The population of Natchitoches, LA is similar to Kinston but their historic downtown is tiny in comparison. The historic residential area surrounding their downtown is all B&Bs. Their commercial spaces are leased and business is good. But they do not have the industry that Kinston has and the closest metropolitan or other areas of any size are 50 to 100 miles away. 

Each year Natchitoches hosts a spectacular season-long holiday of lights and fireworks. From Thanksgiving to New Years they enjoy the economic vitality brought by 100,000 visitors. One must have B&B, Inn, or nearby hotel reservations a year in advance. Wouldn’t that be nice for us? 

Kinston and Lenoir County will benefit from Pride of Kinston’s similar tourism-based economic development proposal with our Kinston Christmas. 

But there is more. The programmable LED lights along the river from King St to Pearson Park means not only that we can change the colors of the lights from an iPhone for each holiday during the year, but they can also illuminate with white light. 

Imagine driving into town across the King St bridge. At the moment all we see is darkness. With lights, we create a very welcoming excitement with a special gateway entry of trees along the river up-lit from below and the lights reflecting in the water. 

Now think about all the people living in the surrounding area and all the guests and families who visit over the holidays. They will all want to see the lights in downtown Kinston. They will also be shopping and eating in our downtown as well as occupying our hotels and doing other business throughout Lenoir County.

The goal is to eventually grow it to include the Nature Center with both an automobile and wagon trails holiday lighting experience. 

Meanwhile, to start as proposed it must be impressive to be impactful and each year we will add a bit more. 

Help us reach our goal of $40k to make this a reality for this holiday season. It is good for all of us and together we can do it. Your contributions are tax deductible. Make yours at www.DowntownKinston.com today.

The following have let their light shine. Thank you for your generous donations!

Emma Godmere

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Patricia Jones - ERA

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David Edwards - Realtor

Ginger Dixon

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Paula Merrit

James and Whitney Grady

Teigha Randolph

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Scott Matthews Cosmetic & Family Dentistry/ Heather Matthews

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Edwards Funeral Home & Cremations

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Mother Earth Brewing – Stephan Hill

Wallace, Morris, Barwick, Landis & Stroud, P.A.

Danny Rice family

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Ben Knight - Vivian Howard Restaurant Group

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James & Rebecca Perry

UNC Lenoir Health Care

Heather Shaw Mintz, Dolph Mintz

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Allison and Angie Jones - Copy Pro

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