Welcome to Kinston!

 Photo: Kinston Free Press

Photo: Kinston Free Press


Kinston's greatest asset is its people. We enjoy a true community unity. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find more welcoming, generous and courteous neighbors as well as great locally-owned businesses. In Kinston, everyone is treated like kin. So, come and see. Be yourself. You will fit right in.

No place is perfect and in my downtown revitalization experience, I have learned that no community’s issues are necessarily unique to them. Every place shares the same problems. Kinston, North Carolina, however, is a unique place.

Kinston has a great vibe and enthusiasm that is very evident. It is like that eager anticipation one feels when something great is happening. That is because it is. October 2017 was my first time to set foot in North Carolina after having spent my entire life in the deepest south – mostly in southern Louisiana. The moment I stepped out of the car in Kinston, I felt it. It was mystical, electric. I sensed I was home at last.

Opportunities abound here. Kinston is a progressively minded, small town of 21,000 with much to offer anyone with an entrepreneurial drive or work ethic. It is ideally centrally located in eastern North Carolina. Kinston is just an hour or so from the beaches, 20 miles from Greenville, 90 miles from Raleigh, 20 minutes to Goldsboro and 40 miles to New Bern. Real estate is affordable. Why pay a lot for a small starter or retirement home in another community when you can have a greater house for less? In Kinston, we are five minutes from anything in town.

Kinston is a great small town and together we are making it the greatest small town in eastern North Carolina.

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Leon Steele

Executive Director, Pride of Kinston

Thank you, Kinston Summerfest Sponsors!

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